Yayoi Kusama Skate Decks Art


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Yayoi Kusama / Skateboard
Yellow Small Dots - Art Edition
Canadian maple wood skateboards feature DOTS OBSESSION (2018), by Yayoi Kusama. These Dots Skateboards are replicas of artworks specially created by Yayoi Kusama for this edition of skate decks. The original skate decks began as samples based on Kusama’s work. They were sent to Kusama’s studio in Tokyo for her approval. After reviewing them, Kusama decided they needed to be altered. She then meticulously hand-painted her famous motif over each deck. The final product remain true to the patterns of Kusama's hand-painted pieces and are available.
Artist : Yayoi Kusama
Colors : Yellow Deck With Black Dots
Materials : 7-ply Maple Woo
Size : 79 X 20CM
Made in  : Canada