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The jaunt -  Edition: 50 prints, signed and numbered by the artist

“Outside of getting to see and know a new corner of Denmark I went into the trip with no expectations but open to whatever would come. I knew that Bornholm was going to be beautiful and full of nature and it did not disappoint, the landscape really was more impressive than I imagined it would be. The nature on Bornholm is stunning, when I think back on the trip, I am immediately brought back to riding a bicycle in and out of forests and along the coast line. It really has a dream like feel as you cruise along the scenery. I spent the whole time on the bike and was able to get anywhere I wanted quickly and in amazing scenery. Being in nature like that felt healthy and inspiring.

The history of the island however is what made the strongest impression while I was there and had the strongest impact on me. I created a new painting on canvas for the Jaunt print. I painted the piece as soon as I returned to my studio and all my thoughts were fresh. I used some literal reference from the island and trip, such as the Hammershus ruins, the prisoner in stocks, and others, but I think the biggest impression from my trip is reflected in the over all theme. During the entire trip I was thinking of how many kings and Lords have come and gone throughout time, along with their rule and wars, yet the average people have continued on through it all. They always suffer from some outside influence of power and politics but they continue to survive while consistently improving their situation. It goes to show how ridiculous and short sighted the pursuit of individual power is. Together we can achieve more for all, and our power structures should reflect that. History has shown repeatedly that the wealth hoarders and power hungry people just make a big mess of the world.”

About KC Ortiz
Born in Chicago, and currently residing in Copenhagen, KC Ortiz has a rich history that has informed him and his worldview to this day. After an active graffiti career and gaining a notorious reputation in and around Chicago, he had a series of run-ins with the law and ended in prison. While incarcerated Ortiz developed an interest in current events through the work of photojournalists in newspapers. After getting out, Ortiz worked as a photojournalist in combat zones, and ultimately he landed back in love with art again. The work of KC Ortiz is an exploration on survival, preservation, and resistance in a world that is rapidly changing under political upheaval, economic inequality, misinformation, and technological advances. By examining and questioning both our individual and collective roles and responsibilities in these current times and to future generations and civilizations, Ortiz visualizes the struggle of these questions.

Destination: Bornholm, Denmark : Date: 21 - 26 June, 2020

Artist : KC Ortiz
Editor : TheJaunt
Size : 50 X 70 CM
Color :  Multi Col
Medium : four colours silkscreen print
Edition: 50 prints, signed and numbered by the artist

(c) KC Ortiz ,(c) The Jaunt & (c) 2020
All rights reserved.